Homework excuses: The lazy, the bad, and the good

It is fair to punish students who fail to do their homework, is a classic question that haunts the head of schools that give homework assignments to their students. Some students are real professionals when it comes to formulating excuses for having not finished sociology homework assignments. They avoid getting away with sickness since it is simple to them. They plan big stories to yield a real effect on the teacher.

My dog/ cat ate my homework

Students tend to use their pets as an excuse for having not finished their homework. By using the emotional attachment to pets, students seek to trick their teachers into accepting their failure to complete their homework and use pets as shields. Some would go the extra mile of saying their pets were sick.

Forgot my homework at home

It is annoying when you forget your homework back at home. However, when you forget your home, it could mean you did not do the assignment altogether. A lot of homework and little enthusiasm cause students to wish that their teacher would not turn up for class the next day.

Forgot I had homework

The other forgetfulness that students like to say is that they were not aware they had homework assignments. Teachers perceive forgetfulness as an outright refusal to do the assignment by the student. This form of excuse is hardly excusable, but you can get away with it if you convince your teacher that you have a severe memory lapse.

My printer/laptop crashed 

An excuse that the computer crashed before you did your homework is the most straightforward excuse to blame the malfunctioning of devices. This excuse not only exaggerated but also overused. Blaming the printer is another excuse for blaming device failure, a teacher might ask that you send the homework in softcopy instead of hardcopy, and here will be the end of your cheating habits. Another variation of this excuse is the incompatibility of file type and the software. Here the chances are that your teacher is conversant with file type compatibilities. 

Someone stole my homework

Another funny but straightforward excuse is the student would claim that thieves attacked him or her, grabbed the school bag, and run away everything I had. The student will further argue that inside the school bag was his or her assignment.

The homework was hard

It is an excuse sound palatable, but you cannot use it always. For average students, a teacher might buy this excuse, but top chaps in class will have to convince the teacher that indeed the assignment is hard.

Power cut off

These days we no longer experience prolonged power outages. Therefore, the excuse not to do homework because of a power cut off is far-fetched. Nowadays, most apartments, estates, or home have a power back up plans for such cases, so on the face value, this excuse is inexcusable.

Have been busy with other activities

Extra-curricular events are suitable for students’ lives, but they become bad when used as an excuse for failure to do homework. To the teacher, it will sound like you need time for essential things only, and school homework is not necessary for you.

I had a headache

Giving an excuse for having not finished homework on health grounds sounds plausible. However, the teacher will wonder how you made it to school despite the headache that prevented you from finishing homework.

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